Thursday, December 2, 2010

God's character

Thinking.............I believe that God has many character attributes. one outstanding one is that since there is so much created all around us, he must be an adventurer--inventor--creator at heart.    
Well, what about the complicated drama surrounding Israel and the huge theatrical moment in time on stage on earth and especially the Middle East andof course, Jerusalem?  A simple --*bip*--would do it, but, we have elaboraterite play with many scenes and exciting finishes and the biggest climax possible.
Looks like God's very character and being --shows he is an inconsummate adventurer; filled with insatiable love...drama...and emotion.
Just thinking.

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  1. I was infatuated by this book, & am waiting & anticipating more!! from someone who read this book twice. Gary

  2. I was just contemplating the continuation of your thread of How things began, and started thinking of Why.

    After all is said and done, (on this earth), what would be the reason for making all these souls, making a new world for them, and what purpose they would have after. What would be the real long term purpose?

    What was God's purpose in making them in the first place?

    Just a thought! (Boy, that should get you going!)

  3. Very clever of you to leap ahead and ask why. I do have a short answer. [ Still, the real fascinating revelations are in the details--later.]

    Why. (The very short answer)
    • God created because: --- he is a creator, an engineer, an inventor, an author and an adventurer. We cannot imagine the complexity of one single creation nor the inexhaustible list of them. Creating is what God does and it defines his character and personality more even than his love, benevolence, etc.
    • God created man because: ---after creating angels, spirits and beings…1.) Man was special with a soul and a choice. 2.) Man was designed to share God’s vision of creation and to assist.(work {willingly}) God will not be able to use those men that have fallen for Satan but he has planned out every last soul.
    • There will be more creations.

    Question back to you.
    • We know that after the earth is destroyed and God has contained Satan with his fallen (forever), a new heaven will be built and occupied that is 1,500 miles square (Rev 21:1, 2, 12-24). Also, the earth will be rebuilt and exist forever and ever. (Ecc 1:4 ) Why would God want to spend time hanging with man? Will future creations evolve (improve)?
    Thoughts: Perhaps, a man (women) with a soul has more power/energy than we imagine. (credit to God)
    One must assume that evil will never by allowed again after Satan’s defeat and containment.
    January 3, 2011 3:57 PM

  4. Evidently Adam had more powers than modern man, it would have been necessary to do his job. I know of few projects that are a one man operation, and Adam had a whole garden with animals to tend.

    I think Adam lost a lot when he fell out of favor with the Lord, so possibly those powers could be restored again.

  5. The evolutionists feel that we are evolving into a smarter and smarter human...after all, we can operate remote controls and some electronic gadgets. We had our seed in perfect humans [Adam and Eve].
    Maybe the loss of direct contact with God due to Adam's fall has disconnected us. Our connection now is through the portal of Jesus to access the Holy Spirit. Perhaps, as you mentioned... when we are re-connected, we would have the unusual ability to process a lot of the energy/knowledge/etc Adam had from God.
    Man is still going to work (willingly and eagerly) in heaven. Do you think all of the work is done forever into the future and the only thing left to do is play harps? The saints will be higher than the angels. We still have dominion over the animals.Boy, will the suicide terrorists be surprised.

  6. Back to the original question, Why?
    What do we do, that we haven't done already as men?
    God didn't need us to begin, how could we be of much help now?
    Then, there is the question of Man being God's helper, confidant. I don't know how that is going to work, we can not even agree on a leader for ourselves.

  7. Somehow, I get the image in my mind of some guy declaring......OOOOPS!! After he has been made in charge of a trillion galaxy planetoid sytem that is a trillion more times more intricate than this dull Earth Universe. and as there is a rather large boom when a few billion galaxies crash in a ball of fire.

    If God does not (really) need the must make it more fun or challenging. God must have a sense of humor. For sure he will continue to create, design, engineer and author.

    Maybe we need to see if God would meet us and we could explain things. Things don't want to have mans help. We could go through Moses, but I think it would be a nice touch to just be on the mountain ouselves. Uh...keep the voice down low and dim the lights a scares us.

    Is all of this stuff that has been created needed God? Really? You have how much time on your hands? You want to what?

    Well, everything is a part of God, by the very definition of existence, the way I see it, and that makes man part of God. I could understand that I guess. But ...WHY does God delay putting the devil away? Bad things are not needed.