Friday, November 26, 2010

Man in image of God

Man was created in God’s image. God is a spirit by any definition, however, he could manifest himself as a mountain or anything.
He is everything and is in control of everything and there for he is the thought & energy of the universe. …and by the way…lives forever. So man is caught up in this situation (living forever).

Is man the only thing made in Gods image?


  1. I was just contemplating the continuation of your thread of How things began, and started thinking of Why.

    After all is said and done, (on this earth), what would be the reason for making all these souls, making a new world for them, and what purpose they would have after. What would be the real long term purpose?

    What was God's purpose in making them in the first place?

    Just a thought! (Boy, that should get you going!)

  2. Taking this a step at a time, let me see if you would agree with the following …just so we get on the same page;
    "Then God said, 'Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness……. Genesis 1:26, NKJV
    The Hebrew word for God is Elohim, is a plural form, since God consisted of more than one Being, (trinity). There are some that argue that “Let us” refers to other “Gods” , we know that this would not be true or make sense. There could have been “others” present, like the angels, or other beings… but no other Gods.

  3. Very clever of you to leap ahead and ask why. I do have a short answer. [ Still, the real fascinating revelations are in the details--later.]
    Why. (The very short answer)
    • God created because: --- he is a creator, an engineer, an inventor, an author and an adventurer. We cannot imagine the complexity of one single creation nor the inexhaustible list of them. Creating is what God does and it defines his character and personality more even than his love, benevolence, etc.
    • God created man because: ---after creating angels, spirits and beings…1.) Man was special with a soul and a choice. 2.) Man was designed to share God’s vision of creation and to assist.(work {willingly}) God will not be able to use those men that have fallen for Satan but he has planned out every last soul.
    • There will be more creations.
    Question back to you.
    • We know that after the earth is destroyed and God has contained Satan with his fallen (forever), a new heaven will be built and occupied that is 1,500 miles square (Rev 21:1, 2, 12-24). Also, the earth will be rebuilt and exist forever and ever. (Ecc 1:4 ) Why would God want to spend time hanging with man? Will future creations evolve (improve)?
    Thoughts: Perhaps, a man (women) with a soul has more power/energy than we imagine. (credit to God)
    One must assume that evil will never by allowed again after Satan’s defeat and containment.